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How to watch live Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and other international channels on XBMC / KODI.

How to watch live Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and other international channels on XBMC / KODI.

So you have recently bought your android TV box, or other IPTV box and wondering what next. Where do I get all the unlimited channels to watch as everyone on the internet claims?

Well, there are some online stores in Canada and United States that sell quality android TV boxes fully programmed and they work right out of the box. We have a good collection of fully programmed XBMC compatible IPTV boxes – also called android set top box or Google TV box – at www.techandtrendz.com .
But, don’t worry – if you bought your box from someone who did not programmed in with XBMC – it is not so difficult. Follow my step by step guide and you will be able to watch live TV, movies, TV shows and live sporting events in no time. This guide is for android based streaming devices only.
1.                 Unpack your steaming device and connect it with your TV – power it up.
2.                 If you have a direct Ethernet cable running to the box (which is better) connect it – if not connect your WIFI (TIP: If you are having trouble connecting WIFI and signal strength is good. Changing security setting to WPA2-PSK from WEP helps)
3.                 Open the browser and type KODI download – a webpage from kodi website will open – Download the android arm version.
4.                 Once the download is done (it may take a little while so may be grab your coffee meanwhile) click on the dialogue box at the bottom right corner to install it. (TIP: sometime android application security is set “not to allow” install from un-trusted sources. Turn this option off temporarily in the android setting and then install KODI)
5.                 Once install is finished – click on the KODI icon in the applications to run it.
6.                 WOW – it’s loading for the first time …. Hurray!!! But wait… we are not done yet.
7.                 Now that you have the XBMC KODI installed on your device, its time to program it will all the wonderful add-ons that allow you to watch Movies, Live TV, Live Sports and more.
8.                 First – go to programs and click “FileManager”
9.                 Then select “Ad Source”
10.            Type in the URL section http://fusion.xbmchub.com
11.            Type in the name section “fusion” – hit okay
12.            If everything went well, you should not get any error.
13.            Great we have almost there …. Hmmm … may be halfway
14.            Now – start back from home screen of KODI
15.            Go to Programs and then click settings
16.            Click add-ons
17.            Click “Install from ZIP file”
18.            Select “Fusion”
19.            Click “ Start Here”
20.            Select  “plugin.program.addoninstaller-x.x.x.zip” file from the list
21.            And yes .. its installed
22.            Now … go back to home screen
23.            Go to Programs
24.            Select Program add-ons
25.            Select and run “add-on installer” it should take some time for the first run and after than its good to go.
26.            You should fine very convenient menu for add-on selection and installation.
27.            Look in “world” section for Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Spanish and all other international channels.
(TIP: if your box came with XBMC and Add-on installer already installed but missing some of the add-ons you are looking for – start from step number 27 and look for the add-ons you need for your media steamer)

See I told you its easy ….. Good job.

Now I’ll tell you some of the add-on names that will help you.

Phoenix live streams addon is a replacement for the widely popular but now not available MashUp addon. Phoenix can access an almost limitless database of media sources including TV shows, films, sports, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Phoenix TV section has international channels, including Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and even Canadian Channels to watch live and free. Overall this is quickly becoming one of the top Kodi video addons.

Genesis addon combines both GoTV and GoMovies into one simple to install plugin. Many sources are used for the video content and playback is similar to Netflix. Genesis Kodi plugin offers HD playback, content downloading, easy to interface, pause/resume playback, etc. Genesis is definitely one of the best Kodi addons in 2015

1Channel is always the most reliable source for new movies and TV shows with the list being updated on a regular basis. This plug-in has been around forever making it a firm favorite among Kodi / XBMC users. Icefilms in another similar alternative that offer more hi-quality HD movies.

An XBMC or KODI user cannot miss Navi-X.  It streams content from a wide variety of user-generated links straight to your XBMC media center. This should be a great place to start when looking for Internet video due to the enormous choice provided.

And now for Indian and Pakistan live TV, do not miss out on ZEM TV. One of the best and very much stable plug-in to watch Pakistan and Indian live channels. On demad show have mainly collection of Pakistani shows. But you can get TV on Desi Zone for Indian shows.

Shahid Arabic is an excellent add-on for Arabic live TV with hundreds of channels available to watch.

Hope this quick and easy guide will help you setup and program your android TV box and make most use of it. Do forget that we offer fully programmed IPTV and Android TV boxes on our online store www.techandtrendz.com for a very reasonable price. Do recommend us to your friends and family members please.

Feel free to connect with us if there are any more questions. Just leave a comment or drop us an email.

Enjoy watching!!!
Team TECH and TRENDz