Sunday, 1 May 2016

Get started with your media streaming device. Basic setup and troubleshooting step - by - step.


Live stream TV box (There are many available in market, google TV, Android TV, A box, B Box, C Box, Q box etc,) are media streaming devices that accesses the unlimited content from internet and decode to play it on your TV. There are many software applications that it uses to do the same thing. We will talk about some most powerful software like KBMC / KODI or Cloud TV in more detail.
  Android TV Box
What do you need?
  1. Hi-speed internet connection
  2. TV with HDMI input (for better results) or AVI input
  3. Live Stream TV Box (any type) installed will needed software and add-ons

How to get started?
  1. Un-box your device
  2. Plug the connection to power and your TV (remember the input number you plugged the box in your TV e.g. HDMI2 / AVI1 etc.)
  3. Turn on the Box and TV
  4. Switch your TV to the same input with your TV remote
  5. If you are using Ethernet cable (recommended) you are all done
  6. If you are using Wifi, click on settings, choose wifi and select your wifi connection. Enter password and wait until its connected (some internet security setting may conflict with the device, if that’s the case consider switching security type of your router from WPA to WEP or otherwise. Your internet provide can help in that)

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